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The Real Millionaire MasterMind (MMM) Club is a safe and transformational space where Entrepreneurs & Leaders expand their minds by focusing on self mastery and applying knowledge of self to increase mental and material wealth.

Our mission is to elevate Entrepreneurs and Leaders to understand and honor self-discovery, self-reflection, and self- mastery in order to achieve a mentally healthy lifestyle, posture in their essence, opulence in their presence, and positive impact in their influence.

Enjoy These Benefits

The Real Millionaire MasterMind Club has a unique membership offer:

? Gain exclusive access to virtual empowerment sessions from 6+ figure, net income earners

? Gain access to MMM Club trainings & classes to support personal development.

? Experience monthly dinners to be in the space with individuals that honor self growth

? Enjoy Millionaire MasterMind Daily Motivation to pursue your daily goals & weekly directives

? Gain exclusive podcast recordings led by club members, Rosetta Empowers and Laticia Stanfield.


The Real MMM Club is not a networking club or a club where you promote your business.

It's a club to be honest with ourselves about the need to do the work to become all that we desire in our personal and professional life.

It's a club to learn how to master being our best self while cutting out excuses.

It's not a club where we come to teach others what they want to know.

It's a club to come as a student and share with others what we've learned in studying ourselves.

It's not a club where we depend on others to become successful.

It's a club where we become successful by doing the internal work first, then doing what it takes to materialize that internal success.

It's a club where we ask more questions to ourselves and answer them in our action.

It's a club where you're safe to say - I AM NOT THERE YET.

In this club, we are being taught by people living in profit of their success. It is our job to take their wisdom and apply it to our individual self growth to achieve our own profitable success.

If you're looking for a space to learn (not teach); to be held accountable to pursue your dreams (not make excuses); and to showcase your growth (not your accomplishments); then this club is right for you.



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Tap-In to our Podcast

Join Entrepreneurs, Rosetta Empowers and Laticia Stanfield, as they have open and transparent conversations about being a Real Millionaire MasterMind. Listen in every week as they discuss the importance of posture in their essence, opulence in their presence, and positive impact in their influence. If you are enjoying this podcast, subscribe today to get exclusive invitations to in-person recordings.

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Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group

Collaborate with fellow Millionaire MasterMinds!

Weekly Directives and interactive assignments to keep you on your toes of MasterMind-ing!

Facebook live events with the content creators themselves

Share your ideas and success stories!

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If you have any questions about your membership please contact us today!

Contact us at therealmmmclub@crowningyouressence.com

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